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About Us

Introducing LiveWell

At LiveWell, we want to approach health holistically. And we always consider the four essential pillars of health – physical, mental, social and financial. 

Through meaningful, innovative and evidence-led solutions, we can support you to make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes that are aimed to help you improve your health and wellbeing for a lifetime.


Our Mission

We believe that each individual has the right to life-long good health. LiveWell’s mission is to inspire positive change and provide impactful services and solutions to help improve health and wellbeing.


Our Vision

We encourage people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing by providing personalized, evidence-led and innovative services and solutions direct to individuals or through business partnerships.


Our Leadership Team

Meet our global team of experts – a network of experienced professionals working across a range of fields.

We are here to support and empower you to sustainably improve your quality of life.


The LiveWell Strategy

We believe that everyone has the right to good health and wellbeing. Here is how we are supporting you to help achieve that goal.


Holistic Health

We are committed to always considering health and wellbeing as a whole, including the four pillars of physical, mental, social and financial health.


We plan to work closely with medical experts and health authorities around the globe, and will be using technology and data to inspire proactive choices to help improve your lifestyle.


We strive to help you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing – including accountability, encouragement and high-quality information.

When defining our approach to health and wellbeing, we are guided by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as our commitment to evidence-led insights. This means that LiveWell follows four key principles to improve health.



We promote healthy lifestyle actions so you feel and stay healthy. We also help you understand various health risks so you can detect restrictions to your health early.



We encourage and help you to improve health challenges through self-management and healthy lifestyle actions.



We encourage you to take charge of your own financial protection, in case your health affects your ability to maintain financial health.



Through secure individual storage, you have access to your data and insights at any time.

LiveWell does not diagnose or treat, but provides valuable health and wellbeing insights that encourage you to take control of your health.


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Let’s find a healthier you, together