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About Us

Introducing LiveWell

At LiveWell, we want to approach health holistically. And we always consider the four essential pillars of health – physical, mental, social and financial. 

Through meaningful, innovative and evidence-led solutions, we can support you to make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes that are aimed to help you improve your health and wellbeing for a lifetime.

Our Mission

We believe that each individual has the right to life-long good health. LiveWell’s mission is to inspire positive change and provide impactful services and solutions to help improve health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

We encourage people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing by providing personalized, evidence-led and innovative services and solutions direct to individuals or through business partnerships.


Our Leadership Team

Meet our global team of experts – a network of experienced professionals working across a range of fields.

We are here to support and empower you to sustainably improve your quality of life.


Stephanie Lloyd

Stephanie Lloyd_LW CEO_ 230x230

Chief Executive Officer

Skills and experience 
Stephanie has over 15 years of insurance industry experience in the US and is an insurtech founder passionate about creating unique products and services for digitally-powered modern consumers. She comes to Zurich from Farmers Insurance where, prior to founding Toggle® in 2018, she held the roles of Head of New Ventures and Chief Underwriting Officer.

My passion for health 
“Life is more complex than ever and the line between our personal and professional lives is increasingly blurred. Thriving in such a world requires good health and wellbeing – balancing all that life demands of you with what you need for yourself, staying mindful of your needs, and prioritizing yourself when it matters most. And there should always be some fun and laughter mixed in.”

Martin Jahn

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Chief Technology Officer 

Skills and experience 
Martin has over 10 years of experience in digital technology leadership, delivering innovative IT solutions. He has a bachelor’s degree in IT and has co-founded several successful startups.

My passion for health 
“For me, health means the balance of body and soul; one won't work at its best without the other. Each day I balance work and family time, sports, and mindfulness time like reading, watching a video or playing games. I need all of them every day to make me feel happy.”

Gianni Vitale

image 031x

Chief Financial Officer

Skills and experience 
Gianni joined the Zurich Insurance Group in 2002 and has over 19 years of finance experience working at the Corporate Center and in various business units. He holds a Master of Science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), with a specialisation in Industrial Management and Manufacturing and is also a Certified Management Accountant from the Institute of Management Accountants in New Jersey (U.S.).

My passion for health 
“For me to be happy, I need my family, close friends and co-workers to be happy. The groundwork of all happiness is good health from all different aspects. So, finding the right balance between quality time with loved ones, sporting activities, challenging tasks, and self-care is key to me".

Ekta Ranjan


Chief Growth Officer

Skills and experience 
Having previously worked for several years as Chief Operating Officer at Toggle, a Farmers company, Ekta has built up a wealth of experience in the development of digital solutions, proposition design, distribution and market development strategies and processes.

My passion for health 
Ekta firmly believes in the mantra ‘health is wealth’. In her words: “The human body is the best machine in the world, but we need to take good care of ourselves to keep it running. The responsibility is on us to do what we can to keep ourselves in good shape. The health and wellbeing of myself, my friends, and my family is the most important thing in my life. I regularly set myself small goals like going for a hike, running, or doing yoga so that I’m always making steady progress.”

 Christine Platiel


Chief Operating Officer 

Skills and experience 
Christine has over 20 years of customer, sales, operations and governance experience. Her passion is to improve and optimize via innovation to serve customers no matter where they are. She holds a master’s degree for Economics from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands.

My passion for health 
“Health and wellbeing are one of the most precious assets a person has, it needs to be recognized, nurtured and appreciated since it makes all the difference.”

 Andros Lares   Critchley


Head of Product & Mobile Apps 

Skills and experience 
Andros has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which led him to many ventures in entrepreneurship. He developed a career that has kept him close to the market, product, and innovation, growing from within to lead the Product Management area in LiveWell.

My passion for health 
"Despite our biology being a precise science, I find rather curious that health is so unique to each individual. It is this curiosity over understanding what can drive health, and how to sustain it, that has drawn me into investigating, and trying to untangle, my own journey towards a happier, healthier life."

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook

Head of Human Resources

Skills & Experience:
Sarah has more than a decade as a trusted HR professional, covering areas such as business partnering, change management, compensation, operational delivery, talent acquisition, and talent management. She is passionate about the value of HR in supporting an organisation and its people to drive commercial success through a positive working environment.

Passion for Health:
“I am passionate about health, and I really understand the positive impact that nutrition can have on physical and emotional wellbeing. When life gets busy and stressful, I know how important it is for me to prioritise my wellness. Like a lot of people, I’m always striving to achieve and maintain the right balance between work, family life, and down time, and I hope to encourage and enable others to do the same.”

 Paul Valiant Ip


Head of UI/UX, Marketing & Engagement 

Skills and experience 
During Paul's career he has floated between sciences and design. He has a Master's in Aerospace Engineering and held various positions from teaching (all ages), managing user acceptance tests, portfolio management, innovation and UX consultant. What do these things have in common? Human beings and making sure the best kind of engagement and result can be achieved.

My passion for health 
"I've learnt the hard way how not making my health a priority can be detrimental to my life and the people around me. Neglecting it is very easy with everything happening in life. So trying to make health a habit for everyone is a problem I'd love to solve."

Yasmina Tregan


Chief Product Officer

Skills and experience 
"Yasmina has 20 years’ experience in product management, leading high performing product teams and building successful digital products. She comes to Livewell from Meta Reality Labs and was previously leading product teams at dacadoo and at eBay. She holds an MS degree in Computer Science."

My passion for health 
“Improving people’s wellbeing and health is a profound purpose that deeply resonates with me. My aspiration is to channel this passion into building innovative solutions that empower everyone to lead healthier, longer lives.”

The LiveWell Strategy

We believe that everyone has the right to good health and wellbeing. Here is how we are supporting you to help achieve that goal.

Holistic Health

We are committed to always considering health and wellbeing as a whole, including the four pillars of physical, mental, social and financial health.


We plan to work closely with medical experts and health authorities around the globe, and will be using technology and data to inspire proactive choices to help improve your lifestyle.


We strive to help you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing – including accountability, encouragement and high-quality information.

When defining our approach to health and wellbeing, we are guided by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as our commitment to evidence-led insights. This means that LiveWell follows four key principles to improve health.

LiveWell does not diagnose or treat, but provides valuable health and wellbeing insights that encourage you to take control of your health.


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