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How LiveWell Can Support You

We will provide you with insights and knowledge you need in order to facilitate your personal journey to better health. And we will continuously be one of your partners on your health journey – every step on the way.

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LiveWell for you, anytime, anywhere

Whatever your current health situation – from the highs to occasional lows – LiveWell will empower you by connecting you to relevant insight-led solutions and services.


It’s your journey

Find a personalised prevention plan that works for you. And track your data as you take more control of your physical, mental, social and financial health.


LiveWell Features 

My LiveWell

Understand your health holistically

LiveWell Explore

Get guidance, tools and tips for healthier living

LiveWell Health

Access expert advice and healthy living best practices


LiveWell Manage

Help manage existing conditions and monitor potential health risks

LiveWell Value

Choose benefits and rewards where available for making healthy choices

Getting Started 

Getting started is easy. Create a personalised profile in five easy onboarding steps, including connecting an app or device to start tracking sleep, steps and exercise. 

Then start benefitting from our different features.


My LiveWell 

Feeling your best every day is about feeling the right energy. There are four areas that can help you feel energised.

  • Exercise 
  • Good quality sleep 
  • Movement 
  • Time for reflection and mindfulness
With My LiveWell, you can build a holistic daily program that supports your unique, optimal health and wellbeing. It helps you track your progress in the four areas and work towards being 100% energised.

You will also receive personalised, data-driven insights that help you make positive, sustainable changes for the future.
  • Overview
    My LiveWell is your control panel for holistic health, showing your progress towards daily movement, sleep, exercise and mindfulness targets – the four key building blocks of feeling energised.
    It allows you to monitor today’s progress towards being 100% energised and receive data-driven tips to support healthier habits tomorrow.
  • Goal tracking
    Achieving holistic health requires more than just steps. No matter how much time you have each day to focus on yourself and your health, we will help you by putting together a personalised programme.
    Tracking your goals via a connected app or device helps you to monitor your progress towards each goal in real-time, and review seven days of insights.
  • Tomorrow tab
    Achieving a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Our sophisticated habits tracker gives you individually tailored, data-driven insights each day – and helps you make healthier choices.

LiveWell Explore

The more you know about health, the better equipped you are to manage it.
LiveWell Explore empowers you to increase control of your health with a range of health information curated for you. Updated daily, LiveWell Explore provides you with personalised content and tips on healthy living, as well as the tools to start building a healthier version of you.

You’ll find daily mindfulness podcasts, stress and mood trackers, articles and toolkits, all designed to help you kickstart new healthy hobbies.

  • Overview
    LiveWell Explore gives you personalised content and tips on healthy living – and the tools you need to help in getting there. It will be updated daily with fresh new content.
  • Personalised articles
    Get articles that support your unique health needs. Content is tailored to who you are and what you need as an individual at any point in your health journey.
  • Featured articles
    Keep up to date with what’s new in health.
  • Meditations
    Take time out with daily mindfulness podcasts ranging from five to 10 minutes to help you unwind, gain focus and reflect.
  • Trackers
    Always stressed on Mondays? Drink more on Wednesdays? Monitor trends in your behaviour and empower yourself to act with our simple-to-use mood, stress, alcohol and tobacco trackers.
  • Health Toolkits
    Keen to start a new hobby? Toolkits are handy starter packs of videos and tips for building healthier habits – from running to knitting, and surfing to Sudoku.
  • Polls
    Find out what others think about the latest health topics.
  • Global recipe menu
    Discover delicious, nutritious meals from around the globe and make your mealtimes more exciting.

LiveWell Health

Sometimes you need more support to keep your health on track.

LiveWell Health may give you access to general practitioner appointments via phone or video, depending on where you are. Whether it's referrals or specialist appointments, all can be done within the app.

  • Overview
    Take control of your health with virtual GP consultations. Then start making health improvements today.
  • LiveWell Telemedicine
    Book a telemedicine appointment, speak to a doctor, receive prescriptions and referral letters, and submit claims for specialist appointments, all via the easy-to-use LiveWell app.

LiveWell Health may not be available in all countries or through all programs – please contact us for further details.

LiveWell Manage

LiveWell Manage helps to improve the way you manage an existing condition and assists you to use healthy behaviour to help prevent progression or further complications.

  • Overview
    Proactively manage known conditions optimally and stay motivated to track and change your behaviour to mitigate health risks and prevent complications.

LiveWell Value

Enjoy rewards for practising healthy habits and stay motivated to keep at it.

  • Overview
    LiveWell Value provides a catalogue of benefits that you can unlock and redeem by making healthy lifestyle choices. There are two reward mechanisms available – wellness rewards and badge rewards.
  • Rewards​

    Earn points throughout the month by engaging in healthy behaviours like tracking your stress or exercising and meditating or by engaging in more advanced activities that earn you badges.

LiveWell Value may not be available in all countries or through all programs – please contact us for further details.

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