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Keeping your employees healthier and happier for longer.

LiveWell - The key to better health and wellbeing for any organisation

LiveWell's personalised, digital support combines the best in holistic health and wellbeing resources to create the perfect toolkit for any organisation. By encouraging positive actions, LiveWell motivates people to feel and function at their best and helps them to make sustainable changes relevant to them.

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LiveWell for Employers

LiveWell - The key to better employee health and wellbeing

It's no surprise that employee health and wellbeing directly impacts business. After all, when we feel better, we work better. Employees who feel good show higher engagement rates and positive attitudes, creating a happier work environment. This results in lower absenteeism levels and overall cost savings for businesses like yours.

Our personalised, digital support combines the best in holistic health to help you manage employee health and workforce sustainability needs. With a focus on prevention, LiveWell encourages positive actions to keep people feeling and staying healthy for longer.


Transform the bond you have with employees through the language of care to

  • Reach out to teams in different locations to promote and support critical aspects of people’s health and what can influence their performance and their quality of life
  • Rise to the challenges of remote working by interacting with teams in a way that aims to optimise their quality of life and their performance at work
  • Gain insights via anonymized reporting to realise what matters most for their wellbeing and provide help
  • Understand your colleagues on multiple dimensions of their health
  • See how health and wellbeing can affect productivity and the business
  • Gain actionable insights you can use to offer personal support on improving health
  • Encourage and enable employees to connect with others, through company-wide challenges, even across national borders
  • Create a sense of togetherness as well as healthy competition across the business
  • Reward employees for having a positive engagement in their own health
  • Measure how much of an impact you’re having through real-time insights and reports
  • Connect with employees on their level in  their language
  • Demonstrate your commitment to creating healthier individuals and create a culture of care

Improve the wellbeing of your employees with targeted, data-driven reports

Through anonymized reports, employers can gain insight to make informed business decisions that include:

  • Customer insights about employee and end-user health risks and opportunities
  • Information on key drivers for end-user adoption
  • Insights into behaviour change, with nudge recommendations
  • Third-party data for insights into market trends and benchmarks
  • Through boosts, rewards and access to telemedicine data

Customised solution to develop topic specific targeted reports

LiveWell can develop custom reports based on your data, aggregated and anonymized, to help you discover health problems and risks in your workplace. Each report comes with extensive analysis, charts and data, and includes an action plan ready to implement to address any issue.

Employer can gain targeted insights to understand more on what your customers and their employees need help with.

Contact us for more information on customised company reports.

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The impact of employee health on your business

Think employee health and wellbeing doesn't impact your business? Think again. Did you know:

$6,000 is the average cost companies spend to replace an employee earning a $30,000 salary[1]

    59% of employees think it’s their employers’ duty to improve employee health[2]
$1,685 is the cost companies pay due to illness and injuries per employee per year[3]


Return On Investment for employers


Medical costs fall by ~$3.27 for every dollar spent on workplace wellness programs1


Absenteeism costs fall by ~$2.73 for every dollar spent on fitness programs1


Companies with mental health programs in place for > 3 years had a median annual ROI
of $2.18 for every
dollar invested2


ROI of $3.80 from disease management programs according to study on
600 000+ employees
at 7 employers3

1 Workplace Wellness Programs can generate savings, 2010; Harvard Health Affairs;
2 Study by Deloitte Canada in 2019; 3 Rand Study 2014

The benefits of changing lives for the better

We help you empower employees to take ownership of their health and wellbeing. Because when employees feel their best, they perform their best.


Healthier workplace?

Supporting holistic health creates a better environment where people want to come to work. Employees show greater organisation and resilience in times of adversity


Higher engagement

Meeting employee health needs improves your overall employee value proposition, attracts and maintains talent, drives greater social inclusion and fosters better collaboration


Enhanced productivity

Creating healthier lives reduces absenteeism, improves presenteeism and enhances workforce productivity ?and morale


Financial gains

Return on employee health investments can be seen through reduced healthcare costs, less sick leave, reduction in turnover costs and an increased return on training and development through greater tenure

Discover LiveWell for Individual

$6,000 is the average cost companies spend to replace an employee earning a $30,000 salary[1]

59% of employees think it’s their employers’ duty to improve employee health[2]
$1,685 is the cost companies pay due to illness and injuries per employee per year[3]


LiveWell Explore

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The more you know about health, the better equipped you are to manage it.
LiveWell Explore empowers you to increase control of your health and wellbeing with a range of health information curated for you. Based on your interests, LiveWell Explore provides you with personalised content and tips on healthy living, as well as the tools to start building a healthier version of you.

You’ll find daily mindfulness podcasts, stress and mood trackers, articles and toolkits, all designed to help you kickstart new healthy hobbies.

LiveWell Explore gives you personalised content and tips on healthy living – and the tools you need to help in getting there. It will be updated daily with fresh new content.
Get articles that support your unique health needs. Content is tailored to your health and wellbeing interests.
Keep up to date with what’s new in health and wellbeing across physical, mental, social and financial.
Take time out with daily mindfulness podcasts ranging from five to 10 minutes to help you unwind, gain focus and reflect.
Always stressed on Mondays? Drink more on Wednesdays? Monitor trends in your behaviour and empower yourself to act with our simple-to-use mood, stress, alcohol and tobacco trackers.
Keen to start a new hobby? Toolkits are handy starter packs of videos and tips for building healthier habits – from running to knitting, and surfing to Sudoku.
Find out what others think about the latest health and wellbeing topics.
Discover delicious, nutritious meals from around the globe and make your mealtimes more exciting.
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