LiveWell launches new telemedicine pilot with Abi Global Health

NewsArticleDecember 15, 2021

LiveWell users in Switzerland will be piloting the Abi Global Health telemedicine service, giving quick access to real doctors for quick micro consultations, prescriptions, and referrals.

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LiveWell is pleased to announce a new telemedicine collaboration with Irish-based health provider, Abi Global Health.

LiveWell uses the four essential holistic pillars of health – physical, mental, social and financial – in an overarching app for users to improve their health and wellbeing for a lifetime.

Abi Global Health combines an international network of healthcare professionals with artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of telemedicine.      

LiveWell users in Switzerland will be piloting the Abi Global Health service where, should they need to, they will be able to connect to real doctors who can help users with quick micro consultations and at a later stage, prescriptions, and referrals.  Abi Global Health provides fast answers 24/7, and connects users to real doctors for real peace of mind via LiveWell’s easy to use interface.  All consultations with the doctors are private and secure and they aim to respond with evidence-based medical responses in less than 5 minutes.

LiveWell - Abi Health partnership“Abi Global Health are excited to be partnering with LiveWell and Zurich,“ said Kim-Fredrik Schneider, CEO of Abi Global Health. “We were founded around our belief that healthcare should be radically convenient, easily available and consistently excellent. Our service will ensure LiveWell users have fast, easy access to local doctors and prescriptions 24/7.

LiveWell user, Susan, commented “It feels really good to have easy access to a doctor or medical practitioner. It’s very reassuring to know that if I have a question or a concern, I can use LiveWell to get the support I need when I need it.”

Helene Westerlind, LiveWell CEO comments, “Being able to support our LiveWell users when they need health support and guidance is a crucial part of our vision. We want to be the trusted health partner throughout an individual’s life-long health journey, offering ways to help improve their lives for the better. LiveWell is all about encouraging our consumers to take ownership of their health and wellbeing so that they can feel and function at their best every day and, for our corporate partners, to lead strong propositions together with us.


LiveWell is very excited to work together with Abi Global Health on providing this service of medical support - it is a crucial part of the LiveWell proposition and service which we look to expand even further.”


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