Snacking healthily with Nestlé

NewsArticleJanuary 17, 2022

LiveWell signs MoU with global nutritional company Nestlé

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LiveWell’s continued growth across Latin America will be boosted this year after signing a memorandum of understanding with Nestlé for positioning LiveWell on their Recetas Nestlé website in Brazil. The goal of the partnership is to influence lifestyle of website visitors by helping educate them about food and nutrition and leveraging LiveWell’s boosts and rewards framework.

Recetas Nestlé is one of the most visited food and nutrition website in the region, with around 200 million visitors a year, with nearly 40% coming from Brazil. There are c. 17,000 recipes on the website, which can be filtered by areas of interest (e.g., number of calories, diet, type of meal), cooking tips etc. As well as improving the nutritional value and content of its own products, Nestlé are on a real drive to influence the lifestyle of consumers across the world by helping educate them about food and nutrition.

Recetas Nestlé have chosen LiveWell as a value add for site visitors which will encourage them to register with the site. LiveWell will include a strong gamified experience and Nestlé rewards proposition to encourage long-term consumer engagement with the app and driving a positive health impact. During the collaboration, both companies plan to co-develop further health capabilities together (e.g., new boosts).

Helene Westerlind, LiveWell CEO, commented, “It’s fantastic to be able to link up with Nestlé on this initiative. Nestlé wants to positively influence lifestyle of their consumers.  The LiveWell app lets them do just that, as they develop holistic, healthy habits for an increased wellbeing. This MoU is a perfect base to create healthier lives together with our customers.”

Felipe Gonzalez, Regional Manager in Nestlé LATAM added, “Working with LiveWell is a great fit for Recetas Nestlé and our consumers across the region. We want to encourage our site visitors to have as much help and advice at their fingertips to make the best choices for their lives.”