LiveWell by Zurich and Nestlé Brazil take joint steps to help boost their customer’s health

NewsArticleAugust 23, 2022

LiveWell by Zurich has announced a collaboration with Nestlé Brazil, positioning LiveWell on the Receitas Nestlé website in the Brazilian market.

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Customers of both companies will be able to gain access to services that will help them reach their health goals and at the same time adopt a healthy approach to food and nutrition. Both companies are also encouraging customers in Brazil to take literal steps toward healthier living with the 150 million Step Challenge. 

The 150 million Step Challenge is a new step to boost customers’ health 

The goal of the collaboration is to influence the lifestyle of users to both companies’ websites by educating them about food and nutrition and leveraging LiveWell’s boosts and rewards framework.  

  • Through the collaboration, customers will have access to the LiveWell app and all its features, including guidance and tips for healthier living and tools to improve their physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing as well as a points system that allows them to receive awards when meeting health goals.  
  • Provide healthy recipes for reaching targets on Nestlé website and LiveWell apps 
  • Collect points and redeem rewards when meeting health goals through a reward program.
  • Increase engagement with the novel gamification feature - the LiveWell Nestlé Step Challenge, a competition to help stimulate the users’ health journey. Customers can all take part in the 150 million Step Challenge for a limited time, including individual and group challenges to win prizes.  

“It’s fantastic to be able to link up with Nestlé on this initiative,” says Stephanie Lloyd, LiveWell CEO. “Nestlé wants to positively influence the lifestyle of their consumers, and the LiveWell app lets them do just that. We’re excited to launch the ‘Step Challenge’ with Nestlé Brazil and hope that through this challenge, we can inspire people to try something new by taking small steps. 150 million steps sound like a lot and we all live busy lives, but exercising shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun.”  


About Receitas Nestlé  

Receitas Nestlé is one of the most visited food and nutrition websites in the region, with around 200 million visitors a year, nearly 60 percent of which comes from Brazil. There are c. 17,000 recipes on the website, which can be filtered by areas of interest, categories, seasonality and other. In addition to improving the nutritional value of its own products, Nestlé also aims to help educate consumers about nutrition.  

For more information, please visit Receitas Nestlé