Tips to quit the fizz

Health TipsJune 29, 2022

Keen to cut back on your soft drink consumption? Sugary drinks and sugar-sweetened soft drinks have plenty of kilojoules but lack other essential nutrients. They’re also associated with excess weight, tooth decay and decreased bone strength.

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Slash your soft drinks consumption? Try the following tips!

  1. Buy less: Keep these away from your fridge and pantry, and only consume them occasionally and in small quantities when you’re not home.
  2. Favour water: Have alternatives in the fridge - e.g. a jug of water infused with diced fruit (berries, fresh mint, lemon, oranges).
  3. Load up on ice: Use a smaller glass (e.g. a wine glass) and add plenty of ice, so there’s less volume of the soft drink.
  4. Don’t fall for equivalents: Some flavoured mineral waters and fruit juice are loaded with as much sugar. Always check the label. 
  5. Not a better option: Low- or no-sugar ‘diet’ drinks still give that desire for sugar and aren’t a long-term solution for quitting the fizz!

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