LiveWell partners with Eathlon in Italy to help make nutrition a part of their customers' daily lives

NewsArticleJuly 17, 2023

We are excited to announce that LiveWell has officially partnered with Italian nutrition app Eathlon. Providing a holistic health solution means working with companies that reflect our commitment to help people improve their health as part of their everyday lives.

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At LiveWell we know providing a holistic health solution that matches the needs of all its users is no simple task. By collaborating with other experts in the field, we can continue to provide a truly holistic health experience. We believe the team at Eathlon are just as dedicated to this cause as we are.

This partnership will provide LiveWell users access to exclusive content, recipes, and rewards, all directly from the experts at Eathlon. Eathlon users in turn will have full access to LiveWell, with tailored content and exclusive challenges. Much like LiveWell, Eathlon provides a platform that promotes the lifestyle of health seekers. Eathlon doesn’t do diets, they do nutrition plans designed to work for you. Together we believe in making health a habit, not a trend.

Creating habits that allow us to live the life we want to lead while staying happy and healthy is what we are all about. Through personalized goal setting, tailored content, activity challenges, and exclusive rewards, LiveWell and Eathlon users have access to a wealth of options to make wellness a daily part of their lives.

We are thrilled to start this journey with our new partner and can’t wait to work together to keep making health a habit.

Please note: Eathlon and Eathlon-based rewards are only available to users in Italy.