New Series in LiveWell: Connecting Generations

Mental healthHighlightOctober 18, 2023

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What is Connecting Generations?

Connecting Generations: Guiding teenagers through their formative years is LiveWell’s latest toolkit for promoting mental wellbeing. Connecting Generations is an educational series designed to foster balance in our lives and reduce stigma around mental health. The series helps individuals to improve their relationships with loved ones by considering their own childhoods, understanding the impact that they have on their lives, and exploring how to apply their learnings to how they interact with those they care for.

Connecting Generations is built particularly to help those guiding and nurturing teenagers, but those without teenagers to care for can still take the opportunity to look closer into their own teenage years, work towards personal growth, and strengthen their relationships. Whether you're currently caring for teenagers, preparing to do so, or ready to reflect on what shaped you during your formative years, Connecting Generations equips you with the tools to navigate challenges while preserving your mental wellbeing, ultimately fostering stronger connections with loved ones.

What is in Connecting Generations?

Set across 3 core series, with a total of 12 themed chapters, Connecting Generations consists of 35 different exercises, including meditations, breathing exercises, articles, and conversation guides, as well and tips and advice on personal reflection and conflict resolution. By following the series, users can better understand the impacts of change on teenagers and those who care for them, learn how to connect and understand others better, and take care of their own mental health.

Here are a few things you can expect to find in the series:

  • Through our Me-Tree exercise you can explore how the earth of your environment helped the tree you have become take root.
  • With our box breathing exercise you take practice calming breathing techniques to calm down in moments of tension.
  • With our love languages exercise you can learn how you express love to others and recognise how they show their love in turn.

Why have we made Connecting Generations?

Our objective when creating Connecting Generations was to provide a means for users to create a happy and safe home environment, while extending the benefits to their loved ones and discovering more about themselves along the way. The series is based on materials developed and being field tested by UNICEF but presents them in a digital format to make them more consumable and accessible to a whole new audience of caregivers. 

At LiveWell we believe that wellness requires a holistic approach, and that health encompasses and impacts so many aspects of our lives. We also recognize that not everything can be solved with daily meditations and lifestyle tracking. Sometimes we need to go a little deeper and take the time to consider our lives more directly, and at times having difficult conversations with ourselves and others. When we put in the work to create stronger bonds, support, heal, and grow with the people we love, we can improve our mental health on so many levels. 

Why should you use Connecting Generations?

Connecting Generations is designed with our users’ needs in mind. The 3 series cover navigating change, nurturing connections, and supporting your mental health journey, guiding caregivers and their loved ones through an extensive learning process. Throughout the program, users will learn to:

  • Create stronger bonds with their loved ones
  • Guide teenagers through their formative years
  • Build a happy and healthy home environment
  • Maintain mental health and learn more about yourself
  • Cope with stress and resolve conflict
  • Have productive conversations about difficult topics 

Why LiveWell? 

Connecting Generations, a collaboration with Z Zurich Foundation, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that Livewell offers. We are continually expanding our offering to ensure that our users can pursue their wellness journey ways that match their individual needs. With partnerships such as we have with Z Zurich Foundation, and programs such as Connecting Generations, we are able to bring a wide range of educational material, challenges, and rewards to our users, continuing our mission of helping people to make health and wellness a part of their daily lives.


The content in this app was created by LiveWell, on the basis of materials developed by UNICEF, which are currently being field tested with the advocacy support and financial contribution of Z Zurich Foundation. UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

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