LiveWell partners with Dagsmejan, the experts on getting a good nights sleep

NewsHighlightJanuary 16, 2024

LiveWell by Zurich and Dagsmejan partner to combine innovative sleep tech with advanced digital health solutions across Europe, the Americas, and APAC.

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LiveWell by Zurich today announced a partnership with Dagsmejan, an innovative Swiss brand whose mission is to create a new kind of functional, science-based sleepwear designed to help us sleep better for longer. Through this partnership, LiveWell continues to widen the scope of its holistic approach to health and wellness by opening the door for LiveWell users to make full use of Dagsmejan’s innovative range of sleep tools.

LiveWell and Dagsmejan both understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. A key part of Livewell’s core mission is recognizing the impact that healthy decisions can have across our lives, and sleep is no exception. Dagsmejan use of sport science to develop smart sleepwear is a great example of how we can apply lessons from across different aspects of health to improve our overall wellbeing. The combination of Dagsmejan’s science-based products with LiveWell’s innovative wellness tools will ensure that both of their customer bases are able to expand their concept of holistic health.

LiveWell CEO Stephanie Lloyd said: “Achieving a more complete state of wellness is the key to living a happy and healthy life. Our mission is to help people build healthy habits and find balance across their lives, including their sleep. We are excited to work with Dagsmejan to offer our users effective tools to improve sleep quality.”

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Dagsmejan, Andreas Lenzhofer, commented: “At Dagsmejan, we believe in a well-rested world. Everything gets better when we sleep better. Our smart sleepwear and sleep tools cater to your physiological sleep needs naturally, sustainably, and scientifically proven. That’s why we are very excited to join forces with LiveWell. Our missions are fully aligned and with our products we can make a real difference to people´s lives.”

Through this partnership, the LiveWell community will gain access to a range of exclusive discounts and rewards for Dagsmejan´s products. In turn, Dagsmejan customers will be offered full access to LiveWell’s services, allowing them to pursue their personal wellness journeys through global fitness challenges, tailored content, and daily meditations.

LiveWell access and Dagsmejan rewards are planned for over a dozen countries worldwide, starting with Switzerland, Germany, the USA and UK in January 2024.


About Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan is an innovative brand from Zurich, Switzerland which has made it its mission to create a new kind of functional sleepwear and adjacent sleep tools which are scientifically proven to help us to sleep better for longer.

The inspiration for Dagsmejan´s mission comes from the sportswear sector where innovative fibres and fit-for purpose designs have brought functionally optimized garments for any kind of sports you could think of. Who would still run a marathon in a cotton t-shirt today? It is even more astonishing that we still sleep in the same type of sleepwear that was worn 40 years ago. As part of an interdisciplinary research project, Dagsmejan joined forces in an interdisciplinary (and federally funded) research project with materials scientists from EMPA (Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science & Technology), textile engineers from the Lucerne University and sleep researchers from Stockholm University to investigate how these functional ideas can be transferred to the category of sleepwear. The result is a new kind of sleepwear and adjacent products that are optimally adapted to the needs of the sleeping body. Based on finest natural fibres and sustainably produced in Europe. Scientifically validated by independent test institutes.