LiveWell & MiiCare announce new partnership in the UK and Switzerland

NewsHighlightJanuary 30, 2024

LiveWell and MiiCare are teaming up to provide independent older people in the UK and Switzerland innovative AI-powered health and wellbeing solutions.

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LiveWell by Zurich (LiveWell) has announced a collaboration with the age-tech experts at MiiCare. Through the partnership, LiveWell continues its mission to improve health and wellbeing accessibility, giving MiiCare users innovative tools to make health a habit.

MiiCare combines an advanced ecosystem of health tools with its proprietary virtual assistant, a health & wellbeing guardian called Monica. Their pioneering work in generative AI has set them apart as an innovator in the at-home health and wellbeing space, building data-driven solutions that enable independent older individuals to live at home longer. By partnering with LiveWell, MiiCare will be able to expand and enhance its offering, providing its customers with additional tools to take an active role in their own healthcare.

LiveWell has built a health and wellbeing toolkit for anyone looking to pursue a healthier and happier life. Through trackers, meditations, educational content, and more, LiveWell guides their users to build healthy habits and make consistent progress toward their health goals.

LiveWell CEO Stephanie Lloyd commented: “We believe health and wellness tools should be accessible to everyone. We’re committed to helping people of all ages build healthy habits. We are excited to work with MiiCare to support an innovative healthcare ecosystem, contributing to the independence and dignity of older people.”

MiiCare CEO Kelvin Summoogum has said: “Monica, and the digital ecosystem that supports her, enables independent older people live at home for longer. She is their health & wellbeing guardian, enabling them to live their best lives and providing peace of mind for those people who care for them. We know that taking action to improve our health at a later age can feel intimidating, but by providing personalised, human-centric healthcare solutions, we can help people feel less isolated and more independent as they age. We’re really excited to be working with LiveWell to expand our reach and provide even more tailored wellbeing solutions.”

This partnership enables all MiiCare users in the UK to access LiveWell through MiiCare’s 18 institutional partnerships. They will also expand their joint offering in Switzerland. MiiCare and LiveWell will continue to develop innovative tools in the personal health space.


About MiiCare

MiiCare is a Gen AI platform built to empower older adults to live healthier, happier, and more independent lives. The company was founded in the UK by Kelvin Summoogum, a technology expert and researcher in AI, after he lost a loved one from multiple chronic conditions. Today, MiiCare operates across several countries and gained significant prominence as a company that is supporting a large population of older adults to regain their independence at home and delaying the transition to a nursing home.

Core to the solution is a proprietary virtual conversational agent, Monica, which interacts with the user and supports them to make small lifestyle changes so they can live heathier. Monica also provides digital therapies for sleep conditions, anxiety and depression to help the older adult better manage their chronic conditions and become the best version of themselves.

MiiCare’s customers comprise hospitals, city governments, health insurance companies and home care providers.


About LiveWell

LiveWell was founded by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) in 2020 to build a service-led digital wellbeing solution that helps people to balance their physical, mental, social and financial health. Since its inception, LiveWell has launched its services in more than 10 countries, from Argentina to Australia. LiveWell works with health and wellbeing partners across the globe to provide its users with a wide range of content, challenges, and rewards aimed at helping users make health a habit. LiveWell believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness and recognizes the importance of maintaining a complete state of health.

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