What Pride means to us

NewsMental healthArticleJune 27, 2024

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This month we asked the people of LiveWell what Pride means to them. This is what they said: 


“Pride is having the courage to keep loving” 

What’s Pride for me? Pride is simply love.

When I came out, my father didn’t accept it easily and it was a very difficult thing to go through. I only ever responded with love, knowing in my heart that time would cure everything.

In December I will celebrate 6 years of marriage with my husband. In that time, we have travelled twice on vacation with my father, and he is always at home to have dinner with us.

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is an honor for me because I know that having Pride is having the courage to keep loving even in the lowest moments.

Danilo, Customer Support Specialist, Brazil


“Pride means having the freedom to live authentically”

Pride means being myself and feeling at peace knowing that I can live authentically. It means appreciating the struggles people endured before me, allowing me to be who I am today freely.

Pride means learning to respect, understand, and empathize with other realities that may differ from mine. It represents finding a sense of community among those who have experienced similar journeys, knowing that together we can keep moving forward.

Pride signifies that we are not alone and that everything we have achieved is thanks to the support of our allies. It underscores the importance of continuing the fight for rights and recognition, especially for those who do not have a voice.

Santi, Senior Strategic Execution Lead, Spain


“Pride happens when we accept who we are in the moment”

Pride, to me, recognizes that life is a continuous journey of growth and transformation. We are always evolving, and change is not just inevitable, but beautiful.

Many of us are trying to be ‘someone’ - but this idealized form of identity is a moving target. Pride happens when we accept who we are in the moment. We can embrace every stage of our journey, knowing that each step, whether filled with joy or marked by challenges, contributes to the person we are becoming.

Ultimately, Pride for me is about being fully present to our experiences and how they forge our identity. It’s about honoring our past, appreciating our present, and knowing we will change in the future.

Fernando, Market Leader for Latam & Asia, Switzerland


“Pride means being unapologetically yourself”

To me, Pride means being unapologetically yourself.

Pride is discovering who you are, living it to the fullest, and helping others in their journey. I never knew being gay or trans was even an option until I met gay and trans people. You discover yourself through interaction.

Being true to yourself takes courage and a supporting community. Even today, many queer people are questioning or closeted, afraid of discrimination, even in developed countries. We must fight to ensure that we can all live freely and be who we are.

We grow as people when we listen and understand each other. That's why we have the + in LGBTQ+. There is no limit to our empathy.

Itxaso, Python AWS Developer, Spain


“Diversity is being invited to the party: inclusion is being asked to dance”

Being your authentic self in the workplace is crucial for fostering a positive and productive environment.

When we are genuine, we understand and appreciate each other's strengths, values, and perspectives. Honesty becomes a natural part of workplace culture, reducing misunderstandings and building trust.

We can create spaces where everyone can be themselves to help people feel valued and respected. This inclusive atmosphere encourages teamwork, personal support and the pursuit of common goals. In essence, authenticity enriches the workplace, making it a space where everyone can contribute.

Embracing authenticity and inclusion leads to a more harmonious, innovative, and successful workplace. As Verna Myers wisely said, "Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Paul, Head of CX Innovation & Creative Services, Switzerland


“Pride is a mindset and a way of life”

For me, Pride is a mindset and a way of life that I always carry with me.

Growing up in a vibrant and inclusive environment in Los Angeles, with a father who came out when I was young, I learned the importance (and fun) of embracing diversity and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

In my working life, Pride means creating safe and inclusive spaces. It means actively listening to everyone, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for policies that promote equality, inclusion, and a culture of acceptance.

Every person deserves love and acceptance. Pride reinforces my belief that everyone should be able to live their life authentically, without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Pride inspires me to be an ally, to use my voice and privilege to support and uplift marginalized voices and foster a workplace culture that celebrates authenticity and embraces diversity.

Stephanie, CEO, Switzerland