Mindfulness Booster FAQs

To earn mindful minutes in the Boost, tap on ‘Earn mindful minutes’ on the boost progress screen. You can then select a mindfulness activity you wish to complete – a guided meditation, breathing exercise or a mindful walk. Every mindfulness minute completed in LiveWell will count towards the company boost goal. Mindful minutes accrued outside of the LiveWell app cannot be counted towards the boost.
Unfortunately, no. To protect the integrity of the boost, no manual entries are permitted.
Our system uses a timestamp to determine the leaderboard order. In the case of tied mindful minutes, the user that achieves the number of minutes first will be listed in the highest position on the leaderboard.
Total team minutes are calculated by adding together the number of mindfulness minutes achieved by each individual team member.
Go to the Boosts screen and tap on View Progress on the Mindfulness Booster card. Here, you can see company-wide progress towards the boost goal. To see your team progress, tap on the Team segment at the top of the screen. You can tap on any team name to view more information.
Other boost participants can see your full name (or nickname if you elected to create one), your profile picture (if you chose to upload one/make it visible), your total number of mindfulness minutes accrued in the boost, your rank and how many ‘cheers’ you have received.
No, team names are created prior to the start of the challenge so these cannot be changed. We are working on some exciting features in the future that will allow you to create your own teams.
If you wish to change your team before the boost begins, tap on the Mindfulness Booster card in Upcoming tab and then tap Change Team. You can then select a different team from the dropdown. Please note, you cannot change teams once the challenge has begun.
Go to the Boosts screen and tap on View Progress. Then tap on ‘About the Boost’ at the bottom of the screen. You will then see a ‘Leave boost’ button.